Disciplinas disponíveis

MSI capacity building training.

Includes formatting NAVAREA warning signals. 

Focuses on oceanographic measuring equipment.

Guided tutorials explaining how to prepare the MREA daily product.

General intro to oceanography. 

This is a Quick Reference Guide (QRG)

Developed for technicians working out in the field.

It was assumed that they would access this QRG on their cellphones.

Please note! the "Click to Dial" feature works in CHROME. Other browsers might prove problematic and have specific settings that need to be changed.

A work in progress. 

DUE DATE: 15 March 2021

Task Title: Continued Development of a Multi-platform Mobile App

Task Objective: To develop a multi-platform mobile app.

Task Deliverables: Approved Demonstration Plan, Mobile App (Software source code and Build History File)

DUE DATE: 30 October 2020

Task Title: Development of a Multi-platform mobile app.

Task Objective: To develop a multi-platform mobile app.