Compartment No 1: Personal information  
  Serial no Question  Response  
  1 What is your name?  
  2 What is your surname?  
  3 What is your age?  
  4 To which gender identity do you most identify?
  5 What is your marital status?
  6 What is your current rank?
  7 What is your current post?  
  8 When was your last promotion date?
  9 What corps are you?
  10 What is your arm of service?
  11 What is your highest qualification?  
  12 Do you have any deployment experience?
    (If YES, where?)  
  13 What is your home language?
  14 Do you have any special needs?
    (if YES, please specify)  
  15 What are your hobbies?  
  Compartment No 2: Military information  
  Serial no Question Response  
  16 When did you attend your last military course/programme?
  17 Do have any ETD qualifications?
    (If YES, at what level are you qualified?)  
  18 What other courses do you have other than military courses?  
  19 When is your retirement date?
  20 When last have you attended a military exercise, in what year?
  21 Are you familiar with the African Battle Space?
  22 Are you familiar with current politics?
  23 Have you attended any military course outside the Country
    (If YES, which course and where?)
  24 How long do you intend to be at the SANWC?  
    Rate the following according how well you understand the concept.     
    One star = little or no understanding. Five stars = completely understand.    
  25 Do you understand other arms of services work? 
  26 Do you understand the concept of ‘Arrest the decline’?
  27 Do you understand the role of civilians in the military?
  28 Do you understand the economic impact towards the SANDF?
  29 If you could change anything in the SANDF, what would it be?  
  30 In your opinion, can the JSCSP programme be a distance learning programme?
  31 Do all the officers in the SANDF need to have university qualifications?
  32 Which modules do you specialise on for the JSCSP?  
  33 Is the module still relevant?
    (If NO, explain?)  
  34 How many unit standards are covered by your Module?  
  35 Are the unit standards still valid?
    (If NO, when did they expire?)
  36 Is there any repetition of content in unit standards against the module?
  37 Is the module formally assessed?
    (If YES, in what form is the module assessed?)  
  38 Do you know the credit value of your allocated module?
    (What is the credit value of your allocated module?)  
  39 If you could re-align the current curriculum:    
  39(a) (Which modules would you keep?)  
  39(b) (Which modules would you do away with?)  
  40 What new modules would you like see being introduced to the JSCSP?  
  41 According to you at what age should SANWC accept Student Officers?  
  42 What should be the highest academic qualification of student officers arriving at SANWC?   
  43 According to you, what should be the qualification of the learning programme?  
  44 What training gap have you observed student officers have when they arrive at SANWC?  
  45 What was the general attitude of student officers of the past years when they arrived at the college?  
  46 What is the general attitude of student officers on the current JSCSP?